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  • 1

    Choosing the right tattoo studio.

    How do you pick the right tattoo studio? What is the definition of the "right" tattoo shop? This Might Sting a Bit is chalk full of information about tattoo studios, sterilization, licenses, cleanliness, and everything else you can think of that relates to the physical location of your favorite tattoo shop.

  • 2

    What to look for in a tattoo artist.

    Did you know that most tattoo artists will have a portfolio at the studio? Did you know that most tattoo photos in the portfolio are of "unhealed" tattoos, and that there is a difference between healed and unhealed?

  • 3

    What part of the body hurts more?

    Some people "love" the pain of tattoos, others can barely stand them. What places on your body hurt more than others, and what does a tattoo really feel like?

  • 4

    What to look for in a tattoo artist.

    So you are scoping out the tattoo portfolios, what exactly are you looking for again?

  • 5

    If tattoos hurt, how bad is it really?

    So we have established that tattoo "Sting a bit", but how bad is BAD?

  • 6

    How much do tattoos actually cost?

    Should you be paying by the hour or per the piece? Why are good tattoos so expensive anyway?