Education of the client

If you are in the market for a new tattoo then just make sure that your artist has a portfolio and is working in a reputable tattoo studio. If your state requires a license, then ensure that your artist is properly licensed. If a mechanic fixes your car with an expensive wrench or with a cheap wrench that came in a 200-piece kit, does it matter to you? You should be more concerned with the individual’s skill level than his tools. You should also know that anyone can purchase a wrench, but that doesn’t make that person a great or even mediocre mechanic. The same holds true with the tattoo industry.


Do your research on the artist and the tattoo studio before you sit down and ink is already going into your skin!

Don’t let tattoo kits, the Internet, the boogie man, or the ease of access to tattoo equipment scare you away. Tens of thousands of professionals are doing things the right way in clean tattoo studios across the globe every day.


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