Everything you have ever wanted to know about the tattoo process is contained within this 360 page book for tattoo virgins. "This Might Sting a Bit: Everything Your Tattoo Artist Forgot to Tell You and You Were too Afraid to Ask"

You have tattoo questions, we have tattoo answers!

C.R. Jordan, Tattoo Artist & Author I had so many tattoo clients asking me the same questions over and over, I just wanted to create a single guide that laid out the whole tattoo process from start to finish. Most of the fear of tattoos comes from lack of knowledge about the procedure itself. If tattoo artists demystify the whole thing to their clients - everyone wins...
Cecilia Galindo, Tattoo Artist & Illustrator When I was first asked to illustrate this book, Jordan didn't even let me see the actual text of the chapters; he just gave me all of the subtitles. Though I was confused at first, I later understood that he wanted it to be as straightforward and simple as possible for anyone to pick up the book and turn to any page and have their question answered. In Jordan’s personal writing style, he presents information humbly and relates it to his own experiences which make it even easier to understand. I highly recommend this book to anyone curious about the world of tattoo!
Dany S., Tattoo Artist & Studio Owner This might sting a bit, is a must have if you own a tattoo studio, or are a tattoo enthusiast, which I happen to be both! This book covers a lot of questions that are commonly asked, & helps people understand what proper tattoo procedure should be. I have a few copies at my shop, for clients to read while waiting in the lobby. One client read it the whole time she was being tattooed. She said that it actually calmed her anxieties she was having from getting a tattoo. Very informative, & covers all the bases. Thank you C.R. Jordan, for giving everyone a better insight, & understanding to our industry! P.S., love the illustrations too!
Jessica L., Tattoo Client I had several tattoos already, but I still was confused about the whole tattoo process. I had been tattooed by several different artists. After reading this book, I confidently selected my new artist  (who will surely be doing ALL of my tattoos from here on out). Thank you guys!
Marissa J., Tattoo Virgin I have no plans on getting a tattoo, but I have always been curious about the whole "tattoo scene" and what is involved in getting inked. My son has a full sleeve and everyone at work seems to have at least one tattoo these days. I read this book, and then gave it as a gift to my son for his birthday - he LOVED it!
Jorge O., Tattoo Client If you have ever wanted to get a tattoo, and weren’t 100% sure about all the different things that will come with it, you now have a book that you can read that will help you solidify the notion. I was surprised when I got this book at how down to earth and easy to read it is. It’s a full book, not a pamphlet, not a quick write up by some hack, it’s well thought out and showcases a great deal of questions and answers that the common person will in fact ask a tattoo artist. My favorite chapter is definitely Chapter 9, The Money. This is the hang up that I previously had, but now I know a lot more. From haggling taboos to deposits, and more. I am definitely much wiser for reading this book, and give it my full recommendation. This is truly a gem of a book and I hope more people pick it up.
  • Title: This Might Sting a Bit: Everything Your Tattoo Artist Forgot to Tell You and You Were too Afraid to Ask
  • Paperback: 365 pages
  • Publisher: Tattoo Books Online LLC; First edition (October 1, 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0989906140
  • ISBN-13: 978-0989906142